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Links and references


My principal source for the stats

Another good source for my statistics


SLAM! sport photo gallery

CBS Sportsline hockey photo gallery

Great collection of retired players pictures at Hockey Snapshots
Unfortunatly, web site is dead

Hockey online

Books and magazines

The greatest goalie magazine
Unfortunatly went out of business

Goalies' world magazine

Total Hockey
(Dan Diamond - James Duplacey - Ralph Dinger - Igor Kuperman - Eric Zweig)

NHL Official Guide & Record Book
Various years (NHL publications)

Great goalies magazine
Various years (Hockey stars publications)

NHL yearbook
Various years (Worldsport properties inc.)

Other Hockey sites

Jon Elkin's Goalie Schools

Blue Line Hockey Talk Radio

Looking for a goalie for your team ?

Toronto Maple Leafs Fever

NHL Uniforms of the modern era

Sports Logo Server

NHL Trade Rumors
NHL trade rumors and news



Special thanks

To everyone in my life for letting me take so much time in front of my computer while doing my research and updates

To my friend Paulo for his old magazine and record books.

To everybody who contributed to the site by sending me some pictures, some facts or even the mistakes I made :o)

To my beautiful wife Karen for her support! Love you so much!